Our awards

Our Watchelp application solution has received numerous awards for its innovation, technological, technical and social contribution.

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All concerned, all mobilized

Awarded by the Steering Committee of the 5th National Disability Conference (CNH)

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on December 3, 2018, the Steering Committee of the 5th National Disability Conference (CNH) entitled “All concerned, all mobilized” met at the Elysée Palace. A labeling charter was produced by the steering committee to highlight a remarkable practice, action or initiative around disability that makes life easier for some and is beneficial for all. WatcHelp is particularly proud to be part of it!

what is it ?

  • Programmable sequences

  • Geolocation in real time

  • Alert system by notifications

And the new version is here !

After the success of the first one, we offer you a new version with a lot of new features and you won’t be disappointed !


Always know where the person wearing the watch (or smartphone) is

Warning push

Receive push alerts if a step is not completed


Schedule a sequence of actions to be performed


A completely new design

To give you an idea…

Here are some visuals of the new Watchelp Assistant application (intended for the companion)

The sequentials are automatically triggered on the watch (or smartphone) at the time you have programmed them in the schedule

Same on smartphone !

The person you are accompanying does not have a connected watch or does not want to wear one? No problem!
Our application is also available on a smartphone.

You just need to download the “Watchelp
Companion Phone” version on their phone.

You can send reminders :
  • With a picture

  • With a text

  • Or both !



The media are talking about us

From Le Monde to Le Figaro, including TF1,
find all the communication made around the Watchelp application.

Try the application now !

Watchelp helps people with cognitive disorders (autism, Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, ADD/ADHD, Dys…).