What is the purpose of the Watchelp application?

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To allow a dependent person (adult or child) to be as autonomous as possible and at the same time, to free up time for family caregivers and/or health professionals.

Watchelp is designed for people with cognitive disorders, including memory and perception problems, as well as difficulties in organizing, deciding or planning.

These different symptoms can be caused by a syndrome, a disease or a brain trauma, such as: autism, epilepsy, Down’s syndrome, ADD/ADHD, cerebrovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, infections or disorders of the nervous system, brain tumors, head trauma, Lewy body disease, Huntington’s disease etc.

Okay, but how ?

By guiding her via her connected watch or smartphone, in all the daily tasks that she would not spontaneously do by herself or that she would often tend to forget.

Thanks to the Watchelp Assistant application, you will create sequences, i.e. a kind of timeline composed of images, photos, pictograms… and/or text, placed one after the other.

Once created, you just have to program them in a schedule and they will be automatically triggered on the watch (or smartphone) of the dependent person.

Which applications should I download?

Watchelp is composed of 3 applications :

“Watchelp Assistant”, for the companion.

“Watchelp Companion”, reserved for the dependent person if he/she uses a connected watch (list of compatible models available on the “user guide” page).

“Watchelp Companion Phone“, reserved for the dependent person if he/she prefers to use a smartphone.

What are the benefits ?

The Watchelp app has many benefits :

– Promotes independence and self-esteem
Soothes the family environment
– Acts as a brain training method
– Provides security and reassurance
Encourages the ability to perform many daily tasks on one’s own
– Helps to acquire a sense of time
Relieves parents and family caregivers.
– Allows to keep in touch, even at a distance.
– Helps to manage unusual and destabilizing situations
– Helps to manage one’s schedule and appointments

Try the application now !

Watchelp helps people with cognitive disorders (autism, Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, ADD/ADHD, Dys…).