All functions are free ! *

(*except for the pictogram store)

Our Watchelp application solution offers many features, which we have developed to best meet your needs and those of the person you are accompanying.

Our application is completely free. Only the pictograms in the store are not free. But nothing prevents you from uploading your own images/photos/pictures via the gallery of your smartphone.

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“Geolocation” function

The dependent person has a smartphone and/or a connected watch equipped with a GPS chip. From the “Watchelp Assistant” application, you will be able to geolocate him/her in real time and check, at the same time, his/her battery level and connection status.

You can zoom in on the map and refresh the screen to follow his/her movements.

Soon, you will also be able to define on a map a security perimeter (around your home for example). If your companion leaves this area, you will be immediately alerted.

“Sequences and Memos” function

It allows you to create, in the form of images and/or texts, sequences, i.e. a succession of tasks to be performed. For example: “I get up”, “I shower”, “I get dressed”, “I have lunch”, etc. The dependent person can thus be guided on a daily basis because once these sequences are programmed in the schedule, they will be triggered automatically on his watch or smartphone.

It is also possible, through a question/answer system, to check if a certain task has been completed. To save time, you can also create typical days or weeks, with or without recurrence.

In addition, you can create memos to provide solutions at hand if he/she finds him/herself in an unusual and destabilizing situation (for example: “If I lose my keys”).

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Pre-created messages” function

We know that it is sometimes complicated and tedious (if not impossible) for a person with cognitive impairment, to write text messages as most people do via any type of messaging.

With the Watchelp application, you can create in advance the messages that the person you are with is used to sending you. For example: “I’ve arrived!”; “I’m not feeling very well”; “Where are you mom?

He/she will then only have to select this or that message (already created) and click on “Send”!

If you are also used to sending more or less the same messages and you want to save time, you can also create your own messages in advance.

Alert” and “Mood” functions

The person you are accompanying also has access to the “Alert” button (if he/she is in danger or in a very complicated situation).

You also have access to the “Mood” function to know how he/she is feeling. Once activated, he/she just has to answer you by clicking on one of the 4 smileys that appear on the screen of his/her watch or smartphone. He/she can also spontaneously send you his/her mood. You can also access daily, weekly or monthly statistics.

The Watchelp application provides you with thousands of pictograms. You can buy them individually or in packs, classified by theme. We also offer you pre-created sequences and memos, which you can modify at will.

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Watchelp helps people with cognitive disorders (autism, Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, ADD/ADHD, Dys…).